Environmental Policy

General Guidelines

Maderas Tratadas S.A. is a Uruguayan Forest-Industrial firm established in 1972.

Our company conducts productive and commercial activities under sustainable economic, social and environmental criteria, bearing in mind the expectations of our customers, personnel, shareholders and suppliers as well as those of our social environment.

From a systemic approach, we are committed to complying with legal provisions in force such as UNIT-ISO 14001:2004 specification and other environmental regulations.

Within the framework of the implementation of sustainable management procedures, Maderas Tratadas S.A. is engaged in:

  • Implementing a pollution prevention approach in the design and operation of its processes as well as optimizing the use of non-renewable natural resources, thus reducing the probability of negative impacts on soil and water.
  • Stemming from the legal requirements in force, promoting and encouraging compliance of the same in this area.
  • Generating safety procedures to achieve safe operation of equipment and staff protection.
  • Being proactive in the performance of specific actions aimed at the ongoing improvement of its Environmental Management System.
  • Assuming its commitment within the forest products chain of custody that comes from renewable resources.
  • Promoting open dialogue with interested parties to communicate our efforts aimed at enhancing company management and progress of the implementation of this policy.